Lyrics: Keith A. Wilkins
Copyright 1995 KAM Music Publishing

Always forever, that is what we are
and the love we share will never end
you are the star that shines on me
you will always be my best friend

always forever, still here together

I would never ever leave your side
just take a look at the love between us
and then you’ll know why we have survived

we’ve felt the magic, our special magic

that has lasted all thease years throughout all time
our love is special
it happens to very few, I guess I always knew


Always forever, I’ll be here with you


Our love will be forever
Our hearts beat together
We will last forever
And forever I’ll always love you

We’ve traveled through the stormy weather

but we can say we’ve made it through together
I knew that you would come through
because you always do


Always forever - I’ll be here with you
Always forever - I’ll be here for you